August 24th, 2017
WRT Begins Sonoma Developmental Center Project

WRT is happy to announce that we are leading a team that is providing planning, urban design, engineering, and architectural services to find alternative uses for the Sonoma Developmental Center in California, a beautiful 860 acre site that currently serves people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Scheduled to close in 2018, the historic site will be repurposed by the California Department of General Services.

sonoma image

We have begun an analysis of the property’s existing conditions for an in-depth report investigating issues around ecology, environmental sensitivity, geology, hydrology, landscape, open space, historic resources, social context, transportation, and economics.

WRT is also conducting an extensive stakeholder engagement process to seek focused insights from people with local knowledge and interest in the project. The next milestone in this process is the upcoming Stakeholder Advisory Committee meeting in September, which will provide direction on the project’s guiding principles and vision.

The site assessment is expected to be completed by the end of the year.