MARC Awards WRT State Avenue Corridor Plan

June 11, 2012

The Mid-America Regional Council (MARC), the metropolitan planning organization and association of city and county governments serving the bi-state Kansas City metropolitan region, selected WRT for the State Avenue Corridor Plan project.

The State Avenue Corridor is one of six corridors that MARC identified in Transportation Outlook 2040, funded through a HUD implementation grant. The corridors provide the framework for a system of vibrant, green places connected by multimodal transportation corridors. It is essential for the region to solidify the identities of these corridors as a unifying structure that knits together a diverse and dispersed regional community.

The WRT Team will be responsible for creating sustainable development market assessments and concept plans for this key transportation corridor. They will be developing criteria to inform selection of nodes and specific properties, engaging property owners and stakeholders at select nodes, developing concept plans and associated costs, and taking steps to lay the groundwork for construction.