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David Rouse


David is a planner and landscape architect whose thought leadership contributes to the vigor of WRT’s practice. His projects include comprehensive plans for cities, counties, and regions; parks and open space system plans; urban design plans; and zoning and development regulations. David continues to develop and refine ideas and techniques that enable communities to more effectively shape their future. He is an active participant in national initiatives of the American Planning Association and speaks across the country on topics ranging from the role of planning and design in public health to green infrastructure and urban forestry.

Representative Projects:

Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan Austin, TX

Albany 2030 Comprehensive Plan Albany, NY

City of Biloxi Comprehensive Plan Biloxi, MS

Allegheny County Parks Comprehensive Master Plan Allegheny County, PA

Atlanta's Project Greenspace Atlanta, GA

Chautauqua County Comprehensive Plan Chautauqua County, NY

Lancaster County Green Infrastructure Plan Lancaster County, PA

Cleveland Metroparks Strategic Plan Cuyahoga County, OH