A Civic Vision for the Central Delaware

Philadelphia PA

As the lead design consultant for this mayoral initiative, WRT created a new vision for seven miles of the Delaware River in Philadelphia. Currently cut off from the city by the intrusion of I-95, this riverfront is comprised of underutilized post-industrial land and big-box development, and is subject to unregulated residential speculation. The plan emphasizes the ecological and economic value of the waterfront and sets forth a framework that the city can follow to generate new, cohesive, and sustainable development. This new growth will be organized around parks and open space, providing access to the river and a new movement system, including the decking over of I-95 and a grand civic boulevard complete with public transit. For the ability of the plan to accommodate the future needs of the city and its people, this project has received many endorsements, the AIA Philadelphia Urban Design Award, and the Charter Award from the Congress for the New Urbanism.

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Honor Award
Regional & Urban Design
American Institute of Architects (National)

Honor Award
Planning & Analysis
American Society of Landscape Architects (National)

CNU Charter Award
Congress for the New Urbanism

Planning Excellence Award
American Planning Association (Pennsylvania Chapter)

Honor Award for a Plan
The Waterfront Center

Honor Award for Community Planning & Design
American Institute of Architects (Philadelphia Chapter)

Urban Design Award
Urban Design Committee
American Institute of Architects (Philadelphia Chapter)