Baltimore Inner Harbor

Baltimore MD

Baltimore's Inner Harbor is an urban success story, one whose planning concepts have stood the test of time extraordinarily well. As author of the master plan, WRT was responsible not only for creating the image but also for executing the architecture and landscape design and construction of all public areas in more than 100 contract assignments. Public use of the water's edge exclusive of traffic, continuous building cornice lines to create a harbor frame, emphasis on view corridors to link the city to the harbor, the World Trade Center symbolically stepping into the water, and the USF&G tower serving as a transitional hinge—all were translated by WRT into design principles and guidelines that, carried out by multiple developers, give the Inner Harbor its lasting identity.

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Heritage Award
Industrial Excellence and Substantial Contributions to
the Greater Community's Well Being for at Least 25 Year
Urban Land Institute

Top Ten Waterfront Places
The Waterfront Center

Honor Award for Excellence on the Waterfront
The Waterfront Center

Honor Award
American Society for Landscape Architects (Maryland Chapter)

Grand Award
Environmental Landscape Contractors Association (Metro DC Chapter)

Achievement Award
International Downtown Executives Association

First Honor Award
American Institute of Architects
Pennsylvania Society of Architects

Honor Award for Design Excellence
American Society for Landscape Architects (PA/DE Chapter)

Honor Award for Management Approaches
US Department of Housing & Urban Development

Progressive Architecture

Honor Award
American Society of Landscape Architects (National)