Richmond Macdonald Avenue Streetscape

Richmond, CA

WRT and BKF are leading the community-based design of three phases for the revitalization of Macdonald Avenue—a large-scale, vehicle dominated collector road—to transform it into a complete street that will serve local neighborhoods, area businesses, and greater Richmond.

For the completed eastern portion, WRT emphasized the street’s role as a city and corridor “gateway”. Street elements were selected to provide a strong public landscape that supported new retail investments. Higher traffic volumes associated with the freeway commercial uses were mitigated by traffic calming measures.

The central area, now in design, includes the City’s Civic Center, a vibrant local business district, and is home to several schools and churches. The design focused on safe routes to schools and urban greening.

The western portion of the avenue, WRT guided a significant reinvestment in the City’s historic downtown. The challenge was to create a revitalized and walkable street that would stimulate retail activity. Access to the BART station was a particular focus of the improvements. The successful design features new sidewalks, enhanced crosswalks, custom bus shelters, re-creations of the historic streetlights, and low maintenance planting. WRT collaborated with the National Parks Service to introduce public art elements into the streetscape. The westernmost section of Macdonald Avenue is designed as a green street with a new center median bioretention area.

richmond_macdonaldave_a5.jpg richmond_macdonaldave_b5.jpg richmond_macdonaldave_c5.jpg richmond_macdonaldave_d5.jpg