St. Elizabeths DHS

Washington, DC

Wallace Roberts & Todd was selected as the Lead Master Planner with Leo A. Daly for the North Campus Parcel Master plan of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Consolidation at St. Elizabeths, by the General Services Administration. The overall project consists of redeveloping nearly four-million SF on the former St. Elizabeth's Hospital site, comprised of West and East campuses, to create a secure, operationally efficient, and cohesive campus for the employees of and visitors to the DHS.

WRT amended the West Campus Master Plan to include north campus parcel of the East Campus. The master plan included addressing appropriate types, location and orientations of future uses adjacent contexts, and transportation access and connectivity between the West and East Campuses. The primary goals of the project were to provide facilities that met the programmatic needs of DHS, create a workplace of world-class design, preserve the natural context of the site, and promote sustainable development.

st_elizabeth_rendering.jpg st_elizabeth_masterplan.jpg