Stevens Institute CESI

Hoboken NJ

The 45,000 SF Center for Engineering and Science Innovation epitomizes Steven's commitment to training high-performance building engineers. Aspiring to LEED Platinum, the facility advances integrated planning and design; "total" environmental design—merging architecture, landscape, and planning; and emphasizes connections between the campus and neighboring Hoboken. In particular, passive cooling systems will reduce energy use for air conditioning; rainwater collection systems will drastically reduce potable water use; and, a terracotta rain-screen enclosure will provide excellent thermal qualities and air-tightness. This project initiates the Institute's ambitious plans to create a linear park that repurposes the adjoining waterfront.

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Citation of Merit for Architectural Excellence
Unbuilt Category
The American Institute of Architects (Pennsylvania Chapter)

Merit for Excellence in Architectural Design
Unbuilt Category
The American Institute of Architects (Philadelphia Chapter)