Tom Ridge Environmental Center

Erie PA

The gateway to a new state park on the unique Presque Isle peninsula, this 63,000-SF multi-use visitor's center includes educational exhibits, space for government and educational administration, and laboratories. WRT's building and landscape design ensure that the project embodies the very sustainable principles it is envisioned to further. The building is day-lit through clerestory windows and large expanses of transparent and translucent panels, modulated by exterior shading devices. Inverted roof forms collect rainwater for reuse, significantly reducing water consumption. The landscape design conserves the site's natural features, emphasizes the use of native plants and averts the need for irrigation. The building achieved a LEED Silver rating from the USGBC.

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President's Award
Excellence for Design, Built Category
American Society of Landscape Architects (PA/DE Chapter)

Commonwealth Design Award
Top Honor Award for Design Excellence and Responsible Development in Pennsylvania
10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania

Honorable Mention
An Exemplary Sustainable Building
Sustainable Buildings Industry Council