Trinity Lakes Park Design

Dallas, TX

As the centerpiece of the Trinity River Corridor Project, Trinity Lakes Park comprises 2,200 acres of parkland occupying a nine-mile floodway traversing central Dallas. Working with engineers, designers, and artists, WRT led the preparation of schematic designs for the park including the relocation of nine miles of river channel with meanders and riparian terraces, 30 miles of trails, three off-channel lakes, a mile-long promenade, overlooks, plazas, pavilions, amphitheaters, playfields, and a whitewater run. Extensive wetland and meadow areas tuned to the ecology of the North Texas Blackland Prairie will define the park's landscape. The largest public work in the city's history, WRT's work has been integrated with private efforts to raise awareness of the proposed park improvements to help fund the $700 million project.

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Honor Award
Analysis & Planning
American Society of Landscape Architects (National)

Honor Award for a Plan
The Waterfront Center