Stacey Humphreys Blankin


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Stacey is a planner with a particular interest in neighborhood-level plans that emphasize connectivity, walkability, green infrastructure, and smart growth. In the southeast community of Newport News, VA, Stacey helped guide a neighborhood plan that addressed decades of disinvestment. Organized around a green spine, the plan provides community gardens, trails, playspaces, ballfields, connections to a waterfront park, and green infrastructure/stormwater management. She is currently Project Manager for an area plan for the northern portion of Newport News, a typical sprawling style of suburban development lacking a sense of identity. The plan explores strategies to densify development around key nodes to enhance connections between neighborhoods and community centers and presents transit alternatives to alleviate traffic congestion and promote a healthier environment. In Philadelphia, she is working on a neighborhood plan in a distressed community where the focus is improving health and wellness through the creation of new housing, community gardens, playspaces, and health-related services to create a safe and vibrant place to live.