January 3rd, 2017
Embracing Our Roots / Empowering Our Future

Throughout 2016, WRT engaged in an energized internal dialogue between our long-standing history and the desire to share a contemporary vision of ourselves.

With a legacy of many decades, WRT has seen trends come and go, economies surge and sink, and cities fall and rise. Through it all, the firm has been there with a guiding hand, helping to steer from an early stage many projects that have successfully navigated uncertain pressures of ever-changing contexts, to seize underlying opportunities.

In order to remain potent and effective through these changes, it’s critical that we periodically look in the mirror to ensure we understand what’s behind us and are prepared for what’s next. To that end, a new generation of thought leadership has been hard at work, curating a contemporary company culture that embraces the enormous responsibilities and challenges ahead, while reinforcing the foundations that run deep within our ethos.

Under this new banner and brand, we continue to work with our clients, institutions and communities to address and integrate complex issues related to quality of life and physical character, growth management, economic and fiscal health, infrastructure capacity, and resource preservation and activation. We embrace our roots, yet we do not bind ourselves to their style or prose. We build on the strengths of those that have come before us, but welcome change as an opportunity to create impact. We believe in simplicity and functionality, and we work with clarity and purpose to engage and empower communities. Through it all, we remain committed to design excellence, as we strive to enhance and reflect nature through projects that address unique concerns and needs, with processes and outcomes that gain widespread acceptance, reflect aspirations, and serve as catalysts for future action.

We invite you to tap into WRT’s practice of innovation and leadership in planning and design, and to share our commitment to the firm’s guiding principles of designing with nature and reinforcing urbanism. Let us work together to harness our collective knowledge base accumulated over the last 54 years, and unleash it with new ideas to create places that improve lives, protect livelihoods, and embrace the opportunities of 2017.

Happy New Year from all of us at WRT!