May 10th, 2021
Leadership Series Part of Larger Community Engagement Strategy for North Trenton - Battle Monument Choice Neighborhoods Plan

Led by WRT, the $1.3 million Choice Neighborhoods Planning and Action Grant is leveraging Trenton’s network of partners to co-develop a shared transformation plan that is rooted in the aspirations, culture, and history of the Donnelly Homes and Battle Monument communities.

The two-year planning process will shape a vision for the future and strategies for a welcoming, safe, and thriving neighborhood, including exploring ways to preserve and expand mixed-income housing that is responsive to the needs of the community.

Engagement efforts have involved resident representation on steering committees and working groups, the launch of a resident leadership series, and the creation of resident ambassadors, among other initiatives.

Just completed, the seven-part leadership series was a powerful journey for residents, coming together, learning, growing, and sharing ideas. Residents explored the rich African-American history of the neighborhood, reimagined MLK Jr. Boulevard, learned how to start a business and take an active part in Choice and other community development efforts.

Trenton Choice Leadership Series | Session 2

As the final part of the series, WRT's Woo Kim and Stacey Humphreys Blankin facilitated a “virtual” tour of neighborhoods very similar to North Trenton and Battle Monument that have undergone a substantial transformation through large and small investments in new housing, childcare facilities, job training programs, and creative placemaking.

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Establishing a multi-dimensional planning process—that taps into local expertise through steering and action committees, ambassadorships, task forces, and community events—fosters a comprehensive transformation plan that is transparent, innovative, and indicative of the rich history of the North Trenton – Battle Monument neighborhood.