April 4th, 2023
Parks Master Plan Inspires Funding for High-Need Parks in Fresno, CA

Fresno Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Transactions and Use Tax, 'Measure P', was approved by voters following WRT's Fresno Parks Master Plan's findings pointing toward great need for reinvestment.

Fresno Measure P - Community Engagement Events

The Fresno City Council adopted the Fresno Parks Master Plan, which was developed with extensive community input and feedback. It showed 80% of Fresno’s parks are in fair or poor condition and laid out a plan to improve the city's parks system. Measure P is a solution to make those improvements a reality, ensuring Fresno’s neighborhoods can improve and maintain parks and facilities, create new parks and trails, and fund recreation, community, and arts programs.

WRT's Fresno Measure P team recently hosted four community engagement events over three days at parks in high-need areas. A lot of great feedback was gathered which will help inform improvement projects at each of the prioritized parks over the next five years. People were excited, committed to investing their time and resources, and eager for the changes to come.

Partners include the City of Fresno, Urban Diversity Design, Every Neighborhood Partnership, SEFCEDA, and Paul Halajian Architects.