May 5th, 2023
Passion + Purpose: Richard King

Richard believes in a design process—one that recognizes how shared values influence physical form, and how physical form can create a sense of shared identity and culture that makes spaces uplifting and alive. 

For Richard King, architecture is about more than just building structures that are optimized for human needs. Instead, he sees the experience of design and building spaces as fundamentally about celebrating human connection. At every turn, he is inspired by the collective spirit of places. 

“The process of building is often too large, expensive, and complex to be taken on individually,” Richard says. “It is by nature a social construct. I believe the design of public architecture is part of our collective search for new ways to support and give voice to our larger sense of community, in all its rich complexity." 

Richard King

Richard uses the design process to focus on building engaged teams that are open to confronting their own assumptions about the solutions they’re working on. 

“There is a constellation of problems and challenges out there, and the answer is not always a rectangle,” he explains. “You have to take the time to look at the specific challenges of the project and delve deeper, until an authentic solution to the problem emerges.” 

The common thread in all of Richard’s projects is the very intentional emergence of the design from  innate human needs and aspirations. For him, it’s important to recognize how shared values influence physical form and how spaces can create a sense of shared identity and culture, capturing that collective energy and making architecture that is uplifting and alive. 

Richard is inspired by the use of local materials and craft in his work, often employing the expertise of masons, carpenters, and glassworkers to bring in elements of the natural setting, and celebrate the nature of making in the spaces themselves. 

“It’s important to me to debunk this idea that one person creates a place. It’s so much bigger than that,” he says. “From designers to engineers to builders, the power of places comes from the collective energy we all bring to the work.  WRT’s collaborative and interdisciplinary nature cultivates that spirit, inviting everyone to contribute. The moments where our ideas and passions intersect is where the magic happens and meaningful places are born.” 

Passion + Purpose: Richard King