April 27th, 2020
PHA Receives $30 million HUD Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant

The federal funds will go towards rebuilding the Sharswood neighborhood and preserving housing affordability for all Philadelphians. 

sharswood ridge streetscape 110614 final light largeprint

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) a $30 million Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grant to implement the Sharswood-Blumberg Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan.  

WRT was the planning coordinator and master planner for the Sharswood-Blumberg Choice Neighborhood Transformation Plan and is excited to partner with PHA and the City of Philadelphia on this important project in our own backyard. 

This plan will leverage recent investments in the neighborhood by redeveloping vacant land into essential safe, affordable homes for residents and serve as a catalyst for the neighborhood - allowing residents to take pride in their homes. The goal is to create a thriving, prosperous community ensuring families opportunities for improved health, employment, and education.  “I’m so proud of my home city who coalesced around a vision and changed the narrative from disinvestment to transformation and from displacement to revitalization," said WRT Principal Woo Kim.  “Philadelphia is a great city comprised of beautiful neighborhoods. But with a 26% poverty rate, it can feel like there are two Philadelphias. I’m happy that the other Philadelphia is in the limelight today.” 

“I’m so proud of my home city  who coalesced around a vision and changed the narrative from disinvestment to transformation and from displacement to revitalization." - Woo Kim, WRT Prinicpal 

The success of this grant is credited to PHA’s tireless rebuilding of the Sharswood neighborhood in the years preceding this award – starting with the partial demolition of Blumberg Homes, the successful relocation of residents, the construction of hundreds of units of new housing, and rehabilitation of scores of existing homes, in addition to locating PHA’s new headquarters on Ridge Avenue. 

WRT has partnered with a master developer, a partnership of Hunt Companies and Pennrose, to implement the second phase of the housing plan. Other partners include Philadelphia Housing Authority’s Resident Programs and Partnerships Division to implement the People Plan; the School District of Philadelphia as the principle education partner, and Big Picture School Philadelphia (former Vaux High School) to ensure positive education outcomes. 

sharswood choice aerial rendering
Sharswood-Blumberg Choice Neighborhood AERIAL RENDERING