November 16th, 2021
Veterans and Formerly Homeless are Important Members of Truman Square Community

A redevelopment of an historic U.S. Army base provides affordable housing for veterans and the formerly homeless.

truman square exterior entry 02 largeprint

WRT, along with representatives from Pennrose Properties and the township of Edison, NJ, recently celebrated the official opening of Truman Square, an affordable family rental community with a significant portion of its units reserved for veterans and the formerly homeless. 

The project was in partnership with the Edison community and was a redevelopment of the historic Camp Kilmer military base used during World War II, a key component of the Township’s affordable housing plan. Officially closed in 2009, Camp Kilmer was the largest processing center for troops during World War II, processing more than 2.5 million soldiers. 

Apartments are affordable at a variety of income tiers and on-site support services include peer support and veteran-to-veteran services. Twenty-two of the units at the lowest AMI are supported through New Jersey’s Division of Developmental Disabilities and the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

"Making Truman Square a reality has made an enormous impact and helped support those that need it most, and we're happy to celebrate that," said Deborah Hurley, Executive Director of the Edison Housing Authority. "Domestic violence, drug abuse, depression, and those struggling with mental health is at a high so these services are so needed."

truman square view from field 07 largeprint

The two-phase development included two buildings comprised of 86 residential units , with a unit mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. The design addresses the need to maximize residential density while also creating an identity and architectural character that integrates within the surrounding neighborhood.

Residents can enjoy a variety of amenities, including a large community space with terrace, fitness facilities, and access to on-site social services. Balconies in both community spaces and residential units provide opportunities to relax outside.