July 26th, 2017
WRT Joins The Bay Area's Resilient By Design Challenge

WRT has formed a team of innovative experts to enter The Bay Area’s Resilient By Design Challenge. The Challenge is a collaborative research and design project that brings together residents, public officials, local, national, and international experts to develop innovative solutions to develop innovative solutions to strengthen communities.


This yearlong initiative invited teams of designers, architects, engineers and other experts to work alongside community members to identify critical areas throughout the Bay Area and propose exciting, new, community-based solutions that will strengthen the region’s resilience to sea level rise, severe storms, flooding and earthquakes.

The Challenge shares the WRT Team’s commitment to combating climate change and natural disasters with community-based, proactive design solutions. To build resilient cities, it is critical that we strengthen natural systems, understand communities' values, and be visionary in our design thinking.

The Challenge offers a timely opportunity to make these goals reality and create a sustainable, thriving future for the Bay Area.

WRT's practice is built on a commitment to community-based design solutions and enhancing natural and social environments, including critical ecological systems. WRT is thrilled to have such an outstanding group of individuals, firms, and academic institutions represented on our team and in our video submission.

Check out our video by clicking here: https://vimeo.com/227088907