June 17th, 2016
WRT's Heritage at Alexander Hamilton Project Awarded 2016 Smart Growth Award

WRT has announced that the Alexander Hamilton public housing project has been awarded the 2016 Smart Growth Award. Representing the best in smart growth and sustainable development projects around the state of New Jersey, the award was announced June 9, 2016 at the 2016 Smart Growth Award Celebrations in Newark, NJ.

Smart Growth Award

WRT, in partnership with Pennrose Properties LLC, the Housing Authority of the City of Paterson, and the City of Paterson, transformed the once distressed, crime-ridden Alexander Hamilton public housing project into a newly-revitalized safe, affordable neighborhood. The new development consists of a total of 410 new residential units; of those units there are 25 for-sale units; 80 affordable rentals financed through tax credits; 20 supportive housing units for those with special needs, as well as public-housing units which are interspersed throughout.

Funded in part by the HOPE VI program, a program meant to revitalize failing public housing projects into mixed-income developments, the Alexander Hamilton public housing project offers enhanced pedestrian safety, a more vibrant streetscape, and a new community center which houses a gym, computer room, medical clinic, and an office that coordinates social services.

With the scale of the new development matching more closely with the scale of its surrounding neighborhood, the street grid of Paterson, NJ has been largely stitched back together to connect the new with the old and allow all residents greater access to local amenities.

To learn more about the 2016 Smart Growth Award and the Alexander Hamilton public housing project visit http://bit.ly/25ytwhX