April 2nd, 2017
WRT’s Yogesh Saoji to Speak at the Society for College and University Planning Conference

WRT Senior Associate and Urban Designer, Yogesh Saoji will be speaking at the Society for College and University Planning’s (SCUP) 2017 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Princeton, New Jersey on April 4th.

Yogesh Saoji Updated Headshot

Yogesh will be presenting in the session titled “Enrollment, Retention, Completion: Facilities That Enhance Student Success at Community College,” a discussion on challenges facing community colleges exploring integration and relationships between strategic planning, guided pathways for student success, and facilities master planning.

The session is broken into two segments; the first, presented by Gary Bixby, Director of Facilities Planning and Construction Management at the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), focuses on the integration of planning efforts and path forward at CCP. Yogesh will then present the CCP Master Plan which was designed by WRT.

During this 60-minute session, participants will learn how CCP responded to student and community needs to design spaces that helped students start strong, stay on the pathway to success, and graduate with transferable skills. In addition, Gary and Yogesh will discuss effective management strategies, ideal learning environments, and advancements in pedagogy and technology to engage stakeholders in implementing policies and projects effectively.

The SCUP Mid-Atlantic Conference invited leaders from across the region to Princeton University to examine how higher education is radically changing, and to share what they are doing to build new partnerships, measure success, engage the right stakeholders, and break down traditional silos in higher education.

To learn more about the SCUP 2017 Mid-Atlantic Conference visit: http://www.scup.org/page/eventsandeducation/event/home?data_id=713