2011 Resolutions

Resolutions from planners and designers for the new year.

just for fun


Laura Burnett, Andrew Dobshinsky, Mami Hara, Nando Micale, Erin Monaghan, Kelly Ream


Andrew Dobshinsky, Mami Hara


Anna Ishii

Top ten planning and design resolutions for 2011

I resolve to

  • never trust a survey.
  • stop wearing only black.
  • stop red-lining my child’s art assignments.
  • not use a SWOT analysis when deciding where to go for dinner.
  • talk about more than shop drawing reviews at happy hours.
  • limit precedent images of Portland to three per PowerPoint.
  • not make friends play frisbee or tag in a park to stage a scene for my personal precedent image library.
  • give my computer the benefit of the doubt that it has not crashed, even if it has been frozen for 20 min and is making sighing noises.
  • not make sound effects when using AutoCAD’s explode command.
  • get offline, go outside, and experience real places with real people.