2013 Resolutions

Resolutions from planners and designers for the new year.

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Jared McKnight, Greg Meckstroth


Andrew Dobshinsky


Andrew Dobshinsky

Planning and Design Resolutions for 2013
I resolve to:
  • not base project schedules on the Mayan calendar.
  • think twice about ignoring the jargon that gets flagged by the spell checker.
  • always laugh at our bosses' and clients' jokes.
  • use layers... always.
  • smile more.
  • learn new things and teach others.
  • remember: not everyone speaks 'urban nerd.' To most people TIF and TOD are people,
          not economic development tools.
  • be curious.
  • prove to Yahoo! Education that architecture is not an unwanted degree.
  • not use more than one vacation day waiting in line for the new SimCity.