Boomers, Bocce, and Bingo

Living the retirement lifestyle at 25.

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Brittany Coyle


David Witham


Andrew Dobshinsky

With the first generation of Baby Boomers now reaching age 65, the growing popularity of active adult communities is not surprising. In Bucks County, PA there are over 25 age restricted (55+ years of age) communities, with more currently under construction. The abundance of amenities offered in these communities appeal to the Boomer generation; through monthly dues most provide landscaping, lawn maintenance, and snow removal services while many also offer a variety of activities including fitness centers, pools, saunas, and typical interest clubs or groups.

It may come as no surprise that the appeal of this maintenance-free, activity-filled lifestyle reaches a much broader audience. Many 55+ communities allow a limited number of adult children (18+) to reside with their parents. Given the trend of young adults moving home post-college graduation, another generation is reaping the benefits of these planned communities. Being one of these individuals, I’ve grown accustomed to the luxuries of an indoor/outdoor pool, a fitness center and have spared myself the nuisance of shoveling snow or yard work. I’ve also gained an entire neighborhood full of adoptive grandparents more than happy to invite me for a meal, bake me cookies at the holidays or give me small presents throughout the year. And if I’m ever looking for a water aerobics class or murder mystery book club, I simply need to walk down the street. An Active Adult community can guarantee itself a permanent resident in 2042.