It's Alive!

Philadelphia creates a green roof in an unusual spot.

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Brittany Coyle


Danielle Capozzi, Mami Hara


Brittany Coyle

Philadelphia is home to quite a few green roofs, including the Free Library, Comcast Center, and the PECO building. Recently, the SEPTA bus shelter at 15th & Market joins the ranks as the first bus shelter green roof on the East Coast. It is intended to inspire residents to take on their own green projects around the city.

The idea supports Green City, Clean Waters, an initiative led by the Philadelphia Water Department, and is an effort to raise awareness on the importance of green stormwater tools. Green roofs benefit the city by managing rainwater to reduce pollution and flooding, controlling high temperatures, and creating captivating visual spaces. But, green roofs are just one part of greening our city.

The bus shelter at 15th & Market proves that green roofs can live on more than just buildings. Residents can take part in beautifying their city through smaller greening initiatives, such as installing a rain barrel or creating a rain garden. With the help of city residents, innovative tools, planning, and stormwater management, Philadelphia can become a more sustainable city.

Learn more about these tools and initiatives in two WRT Projects: GreenPlan Philadelphia, the city's guide to sustainable open space, and the Office of Watersheds website that educates and empowers the public to make a difference.