Our Neighbor Is Born

The development of Comcast Center captured on film (ok, digital memory cards).

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Andrew Dobshinsky


Danielle Capozzi


Jacqueline Marion

Comcast Center is Philadelphia’s tallest building and incorporates many of the planning and design concepts WRT advocates. As a LEED-Gold certified building, it has a green roof over its parking garage for stormwater management, connects to a major transit hub, and contributes to the vibrancy of Center City through its outdoor public plaza and indoor winter garden.

And, WRT has spectacular views of the Comcast Center, which is only a block north of our Philadelphia office at 1700 Market Street. From our 28th floor office space, we watched as the building slowly emerged from the ground in 2005. WRT planner Kyle Gradinger captured the building’s construction progress almost every day from his desk near the north side windows. After sequencing, aligning, and cropping Kyle’s photos, we are happy to share his experience of watching the development of Comcast Center.