Paper & Pixels: Social Media

Public engagement at your fingertips.

social media, public engagement, community participation


Brittany Coyle


David Witham


Andrew Dobshinsky

Social media is the buzz lately, and it’s a trend you should use for public engagement.

Options like Twitter and Facebook are free and fun ways to engage your target audience
and create a springboard for a conversation. You can encourage active participation,
receive feedback, and spread messaging across a wider audience. Another must is linking your social media feeds directly with your web site. This allows visitors easy access to your
social media accounts and engagement with the project. While there are endless options
for social media content, here are a few suggestions:

  • Promote public meetings
  • Tweet public meeting feedback and conversations in real time
  • Post video interviews from public meetings and events
  • Conduct surveys
  • Share reports for feedback
  • Contests and giveaways

Another benefit of social media posts is open sharing by your followers. When followers share your posts, it demonstrates public interest, broadens the conversation, and reaches
a larger audience. A major key to effective use of social media is identifying your audience and gearing your posts toward their interests. With targeted posts to further engage your followers, social media can add a personal touch to the public engagement process.
When used effectively, it promotes a friendly, open, and most of all effective relationship
with your audience.