Sports Cars = Sustainability

Smiles per gallon help make sports cars more sustainable than one might think.

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Maarten Pesch


Marguerite Anglin


Brittany Coyle

Compared to most countries in Europe, vehicle and gasoline taxes are low enough in the US that until recently, few people were interested in fuel efficient cars. These days the buzz is all about hybrid engine technology, which produces cars like the Toyota Prius line as well as large SUV’s like the Cadillac Escalade Hybrid. We have gotten used to large houses, large refrigerators, and large vehicles—even hybrids.

Even though I am a motor head, we have elected to live in a walkable community that allows us to manage our life with one family car… a mid-size, but spacious 30 MPG station wagon. But my weakness is my older model Porsche 911 Cabrio for those nice spring days. Every time I drive it, I am reminded that sport cars integrate key sustainable design elements that make them as efficient as the Prius:

  • They are lightweight and small, with an aerodynamic shape. Even my Porsche gets almost 30 mpg on the highway!
  • They hold their value (my car actually increases in value)
  • They are built to last and typically are repaired or restored, so they live much longer lives
  • They introduce new technologies like ABS, air bags, etc. that are subsequently integrated in other cars; and
  • They hold the road... which actually sustains my smile.