Strategic Planning: A Personal Perspective

Connecting the legacy to the future of WRT

strategic planning, firm culture


Modesto Bigas-Valedon


David Witham


Brittany Coyle

Strategic Plans aim to recalibrate a firm’s comprehensive approach to its practice. 

Whether they are done in challenging times or
in times of prosperity, these documents serve
as a tool to gather consensus among leadership
and are instrumental in shaping the vision of
the firm for current and future members of the practice. Personally, this experience has helped
me reconnect with the sense of uniqueness and purpose I had when I joined this practice back
in August of 2005. I recall this sense of “wow” immediately after completing Richard Bartholomew’s PowerPoint introduction to the legacy of WRT.


What’s different now? 
Through this process, that sense of uniqueness has been inextricably linked to the complexities of  running a practice of this type. A practice that aims to be truly integrated throughout all of the professional disciplines we provide to our clients. Not an easy task to get a grip on or execute well. There is truly an overwhelming sense of urgency among Committee members to get this right and what has consistently come across is that we care—not only for what the firm means for our individual economic wellbeing, but what it means to us at a personal level, the relationships that have been established and our own individual sense of purpose and role in the firm’s legacy. This sense of care has been echoed by all that have participated in the process from Principals to Admin; we want to make this practice a better place for all.