Nancy O'Neill


nancy o neill headshot

Nancy has over 15 years of experience in the field of urban planning and is a certified planner. Her work is focused in comprehensive and regional planning, community engagement, and parks and open space system planning. Since joining WRT in 2007, Nancy has managed large complex projects for WRT including Biloxi’s first Comprehensive Plan after Hurricane Katrina and the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan. She has served as lead project planner for a diverse range of comprehensive plans including PlanLafayette and Albany 2030, as well as regional plans for Union County, PA and the Charlotte North and South Carolina CONNECT Our Future web-based toolkit. Nancy is a leader of WRT’s work in community outreach tools and techniques, and is particularly interested in the intersection of community health and planning and design. In addition, Nancy has worked extensively with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and the Adobe Creative Suite programs.