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Bothin Marsh Adaptation Project

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Adaptation Planning
106 Acres
Mill Valley, CA

The Bothin Marsh Open Space Preserve is Marin County Parks’ most visited and most vulnerable open space. Rising sea levels are threatening the preserve’s shoreline habitats and their ability to support abundant native wildlife, including special-status species, migratory birds, and rare plant species. In addition, access to a critical existing active transportation and recreation link along the Mill Valley/Sausalito Multi-Use Path in the preserve regularly floods over 30 times each year and will only worsen with impending sea level rise (SLR). Current projections estimate sunny-day flooding will occur about 220 days (about 7 months) per year with 1-foot of sea level rise.

Through the Bothin Marsh Adaptation Project, Evolving Shorelines project partners, WRT and the project team have developed conceptual designs to adapt the preserve to changing climate and SLR through nature-based strategies allowing for the evolution and restoration of tidal wetlands, and restoration of ecological processes and habitat function at Bothin Marsh. The preserve’s trail system will also be adapted to ensure year-round active transportation and recreational access along the shoreline. Through extensive community engagement and support from a broad team of science and technical advisors, the project supports the community’s vision for the shoreline and the broader San Francisco Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals for the region.

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Bothin Marsh site plan
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Slowing the pace of sea-level rise is critical to giving the marsh its best chance of survival: the slower the rate, the better opportunity the marsh will have to adapt. It’s a good reminder that climate mitigation and reducing carbon emissions are still our biggest tools to reducing impacts to our environment.

Rob LaPorte
Project Manager / Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy