March 15th, 2023
Urban Resiliency Strategies: Second Phase of International Research Begins

Jim Stickley, a WRT principal, is embarking on the second phase of a research project which involves a series of professional exchanges focused on the Middle East and Northern Europe. Last fall, he visited southeast Australia and central-west India in a similar effort.

urban resiliency pt 2 gif 1

In each region, Jim is interacting with faculty and students at local universities, participating in exchanges with local design and planning practices, and meeting with government officials. The goal of these events is to share experiences, successes, and challenges related to urban resilience strategies and how they can be implemented globally in response to today’s climate emergency. 

The locations of southeast Australia, central-west India, the Middle East, and northern Europe were chosen based on several factors: 1) their range of geographic latitudes; 2) notable initiatives and efforts underway in each region; and 3) the presence of academic and professional collaborators with shared interest in exploring urban resilience. 

This project is part of a research sabbatical that Jim is undertaking for the purpose of elevating WRT’s effectiveness in developing resilience strategies that respond to climate-caused challenges in urban areas. 

Jim will be kicking off the sabbatical in Cairo, Egypt, leading a lecture entitled Achieving Urban Resilience in Response to Climate Change at Ain Shams University. The lecture will focus on WRT's urban resilience practices, including identifying the five elements of resilience to help communities guide their future growth and change. 

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