Green Building Myths

Build green! Saving the world isn't as hard as you think.

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Cheryl Poulos


Danielle Capozzi


Brittany Coyle

Myth: Green buildings are too expensive.
Reality: This is a common misconception—partly because many high-profile green building projects incorporate high-end green building practices. It may be more expensive to build green, but most buildings make up for additional expenses in lower operating costs as well as increased energy and water savings. Look beyond the short-term initial costs to the long-term savings implications of building green.

Myth: Green building products don't function as well as traditional ones.
Reality: A typical example of a product that gets a bad rap is low-flush toilets. Many people don't realize these types of toilets were mandated in all new construction more than 10 years ago. Chances are if you go into any relatively modern building, you'll be using these more environmentally friendly toilets and not even know it.

Myth: Green building products are hard to find.
Reality: This statement probably held true a few years ago. However, with the growth of green building practices, more companies are producing products that are in line with LEED requirements.

Myth: To build green, you have to register with a green building program.
Reality: While participating in the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED certification programs is an excellent way to improve your building's performance, sustainability, and marketability, you can build green simply by taking the initiative to integrate sustainable best practices into your projects.

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