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Portland, ME

The redesign of Congress Square is a large scale renovation in the heart of the Arts District of Portland, Maine. One of a series of urban squares along Congress Street, the main street of the downtown, Congress Square will become a focal point for cultural activities and community programs, contribute to the economic vitality of the city, and improve the quality of life for Portland residents, workers, and visitors.

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Congress Square Redesign

An underused and car dominated intersection is becoming a vibrant public amenity through creative placemaking strategies.

Congress Square PMA

The direction of the Congress Square Redesign project was defined by its unique collaborative approach. There was a high level of community interest and participation – neighborhood organizations, residents, nonprofits, arts organizations, and the business community have worked with the City of Portland for more than five years to develop a vision for Congress Square.

Congress Square Park Engagement Edited
Congress Square Redesign CSP Stage

Year‐round, the redesigned Congress Square will provide a welcome break in the dense, historic district, where one encounters a range of activities including events and installations that celebrate local arts and culture, and foster spontaneity and informal gathering. As a gateway intersection, priority is placed on the pedestrian experience and safety while accommodating all transportation modes in an efficient manner.