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Obery Court and College Creek Terrace

affordable housing, neighborhood redevelopment
Affordable Housing
Annapolis, MD

Located in beautiful downtown Annapolis, Obery Court and College Creek Terrace is a public housing revitalization project that brought high-quality, affordable housing to this formerly distressed public housing site. 

WRT served the Housing Authority of the City of Annapolis and its development partner, Pennrose Properties, from planning and application preparation through implementation as the architects of this important neighborhood redevelopment.  The team goal was to create a sustainable, economically diverse neighborhood that provides safety and accessibility, connectivity, architectural quality and increased neighborhood amenities focused on fostering a strong sense of community.  

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The architecture of the new homes draws from the stylistic heritage of Annapolis and conforms to the prevalent urban block patterns, massing and setbacks of the neighborhood.

The buildings contain ENERGY STAR® dishwashers and washers/dryers, wood laminate flooring, security alarms, and sustainable solar panels.  Community amenities include two playgrounds, a spacious courtyard and patio area, and a clubhouse with a computer lab and Head Start classrooms. The development features one, two, three, and four-bedroom apartments and town homes. 

The location near Main Street and downtown Annapolis provides residents the the ability to walk to downtown Annapolis' shopping, dining, and entertainment.  

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Distressed public housing was transformed into a more sustainable, economically diverse neighborhood, providing safety and accessibility, connectivity, architectural quality, and increased neighborhood amenities for residents.

The first phase of the three phase redevelopment, replaced 29 distressed public housing units with 50 new affordable rental townhomes and a new 4,100 square foot community center which houses neighborhood services and Head Start classrooms. The redevelopment of College Creek replaces the oldest continuously operated public housing in the United States, and provides 63 of the planned 124 new townhome rental units. The redevelopment was financed by HUD funds, State of Maryland Low Income Housing Tax Credits and private equity. 

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