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Westtown School Athletic Facility

architecture, education, planning
600 acres
Westtown, PA

Westtown School required a master plan to establish a campus-wide approach for improvements and growth on its 600 acres of fields and rolling hills in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Individual academic and athletic programs at the school completed self-study reports with specific recommendations for their future, which were evaluated and incorporated into the plan.

The core area of the 600-acre school contained academic buildings, dormitories, and faculty housing concentrated at the high point of the site, with long views over the surrounding natural areas, lakes, agricultural fields, and playing fields. The center of campus included maintenance buildings, vehicular circulation, and parking that created conflicts between students/faculty and the buildings.

The Campus Master Plan established a framework to accommodate pedestrian circulation, playing fields, and new and expanded buildings without compromising views over the surrounding landscape. An ‘auto-free center’ was developed by eliminating several existing roads and limiting through-traffic on others; parking was increased by locating small lots at the site’s perimeter, activating a new open space at the center of campus.

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A new recreation destination for students, faculty, and the community.
WRT also designed the renovation and expansion of Westtown’s existing athletic facilities to meet the increased demand for interior athletic and recreation space. The new Athletic Facility provides competition space for multiple sports and recreation space for resident students and faculty.

An expanded student center established the building as a recreational destination, and an outdoor open area linked and enhanced the two buildings. Many sustainable design strategies were incorporated to take advantage of daylighting and natural ventilation, improve transparency between program spaces and the campus, and integrate the existing and new facilities. 

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